Permit Information

  • Electrical Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Restricted Energy Electrical Permit
  • Fire Protection Permit

    Electrical Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

    An electrical permit is required when work is being done that impacts the electrical system in a structure. Examples include:

    • extending a circuit
    • wiring a new air conditioner
    • adding an alarm system
    • remodeling or adding kitchens or bathrooms
    • installing a permanent hot tub, spa or sauna


    Mechanical Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

    A mechanical permit is required when the work being done alters the mechanical system in a structure. Example of work requiring a mechanical permit includes adding or replacing the following:

    • air conditioner
    • furnace
    • heat pump
    • gas line
    • log lighter
    • gas log
    • fireplace
    • wood stove
    • exhaust fan
    • range hood


    Plumbing Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

    A plumbing permit is required when adding or altering plumbing fixtures or systems, including storm and sewer lines. Examples of work requiring a plumbing permit include:

    • adding or altering a bathroom or kitchen
    • adding a permanent hot tub, spa or pool
    • adding or extending an irrigation system
    • adding any groundwater or rain and roof drains
    • adding or increasing your water service line


    Restricted Energy Electrical Permit - Download Permit (PDF)

    Restricted energy electrical permits are required when adding low voltage systems.For example:

    • garage door opener
    • burglar alarms
    • intercom
    • HVAC
    • audio/stereo systems for a residence
    • A permit is required for any commercial application of a low voltage system

    Fire Protection Permit

    A fire protection permit is required for the installation or modification of a sprinkler system or a fire alarm system.