Mayor & City Council

Hermiston uses a “Council-Manager” form of government, similar to the large majority of Oregon cities.  In a Council-Manager form of government, all powers of the city are vested in the City Council.  The Council, made up of 8 elected Hermiston residents, ultimately decides whether or not the City will take an action on matters concerning the city. The Council hires a City Manager, to manage all of the day-to-day decisions.

The Mayor is elected separately from the City Council, and only votes in the event of a tie.  The Mayor appoints committee members and signs ordinances and contracts for the City.

Half of the City Councilors are elected by "wards," which means that they live within that ward, however Ward councilors are elected by all city residents.  Find the ward that you live in HERE.

The mayor and councilors may be reached by leaving a message at 567-5521, or writing to them at City Hall, 180 NE 2nd Street, Hermiston, OR 97838, or by email, listed below.

Name Position Email Term Expires
Dr. David Drotzmann Mayor 12/31/16
Lori Davis Ward I (Precinct 126) 12/31/18
Clara Beas-Fitzgerald Ward II (Precincts 127, 128)  12/31/18
Jackie C. Myers Ward III (Precinct 129) 12/31/18
Douglas Smith Ward IV (Precinct 130) 12/31/18
Manuel Gutierrez At Large 12/31/16
Rod S. Hardin At Large 12/31/16
John Kirwan At Large 12/31/16
Doug Primmer At Large 12/31/16