Hispanic Advisory Committee


The Hispanic Advisory Committee meets third Monday of every month at 7:00pm in Council Chambers.

Miembros del Comité (por Presidente) | Committee Members (by Chairperson)

  Name Term Date
Position #1 Manuel Gutierrez June 30, 2017
Position #2 VACANT June 30, 2017
Position #3 Eddie DE La Cruz June 30, 2017
Position #4 Jesus Rome June 30, 2015
Position #5 VACANT June 30,2015
Position #6 Hector Ramirez June 30, 2015
Position #7 Bryan Medelez June 30, 2016
Position #8 Alejandra Meza June 30. 2016
Position #9 Clara Beas Fitzgerald June 30. 2016

Applications may be obtained at Hermiston City Hall. 

Photo: Hispanic Advisory Committee

The Hispanic Advisory Committee with the National League of Cities' 2013 City Cultural Diversity Award

Representantes de la Ciudad (por Representante) | City Representatives (by City Representative)

George Anderson Ayuntamiento
City Council
Manuel Gutierrez    
Mark Morgan Ciudad Subgerente
Assistant City Manager
Jason Edmiston Jefe de la Policia
Chief of Police
Rhonda Goodman Secretaria
Senior Secretary

Duties of Membership

Advise the City Council on Hispanic affairs as they relate to the City of Hermiston by providing a means of communication between the city's Hispanic community and the city's elected and appointed representatives; providing representatives that the city's Hispanic community can contact with  their  issues, concerns, and problems  which  relate  to  the  City of  Hermiston; provide a forum to discuss and listen to issues, concern, and problems of the city's Hispanic community which relate to the City of Hermiston and assist in solving them and developing a stronger community; and working to make Hermiston a truly  inclusive city, respectful of all nationalities, races, ethnic groups, and cultures.