Urban Renewal Planning Gets Underway

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The group which will propose final projects and area boundaries for a potential downtown Hermiston Urban Renewal District had its first meeting Thursday. 

The committee listened to a presentation from the city’s Urban Renewal Consultants on revenue forecasts from a potential district, as well as a breakdown of the potential projects which were included in the Town Center Urban Renewal District Feasibility Report, which is available HERE.

The Urban Renewal District Planning Advisory Committee is charged with forming an Urban Renewal District Plan, which, if accepted by the Hermiston City Council, would establish where the district boundaries will lie, how long the district will exist, how much revenue the district can divert from existing taxing entities, and what projects the revenue can be spent on. 

The next meeting of the committee will feature a presentation from City of Pendleton City Councilor Keith May, who will offer insights into some of the successes and challenges in Pendleton’s Urban Renewal District.  The committee will also begin to refine proposals for projects in the district.  That meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 14 in the Council Chambers of Hermiston City Hall.