Does the city allow farm animals?

¿La ciudad permite animales de granja?

Answer: §90.02 Animals Running at Large Prohibited No person, persons or corporation owning or having possession or control of any livestock or poultry shall allow the livestock or poultry to run at large or to be or remain at large upon the streets, sidewalks, public grounds or unfenced lots or grounds within the limits of the city. Hereafter in this chapter whenever the word “animal” or “animals” is used it shall mean and include any and all kinds of livestock or poultry.


Does the city require dog licensing and restrictions?

¿La ciudad requiere licencia de perro y restricciones?

Answer: §90.20 Licenses and Records

How long can a recreational vehicle (like a boat, trailer, motor home, etc.) be parked on the street? Who enforces this?

¿Cuánto tiempo puede un vehículo recreativo (como un barco, tráiler, caravana, etc.) pueden estacionar en la calle? ¿Quién hace cumplir esto?

Answer: No vehicle, boat, camp trailer, motor home or other vehicle may be parked on any city street for more than 72 hours (3days). If any such item is on the street over that period of time, contact the Hermiston Police Department or contact the Code Enforcement and they will check on the situation and have the vehicle removed. The officers or the Code Enforcement officer can enforce this.


Who do I contact if I'm having problems with my landlord/tenant? Can the city help?

¿A quién contacto si tengo problemas con mi propietario/inquilino? ¿Me puede ayudar la ciudad?

Answer: If this is a typical landlord/tenant problem, you may want to contact an attorney or legal aid.  If it is a safety or health issue you should contact the city building inspector. You can always contact the Hermiston Police and give a brief rundown as to what the problem is, and they will give you a route to take such as contacting an attorney or the building department, or whatever department may handle that type of problem.


Does code enforcement handle complaints about loose dogs in my neighborhood?

¿La aplicación del código se encarga de las que quejas sobre los perros sueltos que andan en mi vecindario?

Answers: The Hermiston Police Officers on duty handle dog complaints, whether it is loose dogs or barking dogs

What do I do if I see illegal dumping?

¿Qué hago si veo a alguien que está tirando basura ilegalmente?

Answer: If you watch someone illegally dumping, try to get a vehicle description and license number if they are in a vehicle.  If they are on foot get a description and direction of travel, such as they went to a specific house, or were last seen walking east on ______St.  If there is a pile of garbage, call at 541-667-5030 and if no one answers leave detailed message and someone will follow up on the message the next business day. Try to determine the owner by looking for information on any paperwork in the garbage.  If you know the person that did this, that is also ve

What do I do about the neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking?

Qué debo hacer con el perro del vecino que no deja de ladrar?

Answer: If you have not already talked to the neighbors about their dog, talk to them and see if this doesn't work.  If that fails, call the Hermiston Police Department day or night about a barking dog.  Should you wish to file charges against the neighbor, you may want to try recording the noise the dog is making, and see if you can also get video.  If you can do this from within your residence, it makes a very compelling case in court.


Why is code enforcement telling me to maintain my property?

¿Por qué me está diciendo la aplicación del código que tengo que mantener mi propiedad?

Answer: When you move into any city, or live in the county, each governmental unit has a set of laws they have written which affect how properties are maintained.

Who is responsible to remove the tumbleweeds that blow into my property that pile up against my fence?

¿Quién es el responsable de eliminar las plantas corredoras que soplan en mi propiedad que se acumulan en contra de mi cerca?

Answer: The property owner is responsible for the tumble weeds and other items such as leaves that blow onto your property. On occasion some papers or other items may blow onto your property.  If you know where they came from, you may approach the property owner and ask them to clean up.  If they flat out refuse, it may be easier for you to go ahead and clean it, but you can still contact the code enforcement for the problem.

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