Hermiston Police News: End of Year, New Goals

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Active Patrol

The following table shows a 4-year snapshot of DUII enforcement and drug related charges by members of the Hermiston Police Department for the periods of January 1st through December 27th of each year:

Year DUII’s Drug Charges
2012 142 462
2011 119 362
2010 103 319
2009 109 326

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the intent of this release is two-fold. 

  • The Hermiston Police Department will have officers working during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with increased focus on enforcement of impaired drivers.  The department encourages citizens to refrain from drinking and driving by utilizing designated drivers.
  • When 2012 statistics are finalized in the latter part of January 2013, I am optimistic a correlation can be made between having aggressive enforcement of motor vehicle laws primarily during the night shift hours with that of potential decreases in specific property crimes such as burglary.  This is not to say all people driving around in the late evening hours are associated with burglaries yet many of our case investigations are solved as a result of traffic stops where stolen property is in motion.

An enhanced effort to “look beyond the ticket” will be a component of the broader goal of addressing traffic issues by members of this department in 2013.  With a dedicated motor officer focusing primarily on traffic issues on Hwy 395, patrol officers will be tasked with enforcing (when warranted) and educating the public when appropriate on traffic related matters.  This shift toward quality from quantity should allow our department to be more finite in focusing on specific criminal activities. - Chief of Police Jason Edmiston

2013 Goals for the Hermiston Police Department

Customer Service

Provide police services consistent with the vision and values of our community based policing organization, and serve as ambassadors of the city of Hermiston with an increased presence of employees at city meetings and functions.  Place an emphasis on service delivery to our customers through the establishment of observable, measurable, targeted, and specific performance objectives for each employee of the department.

Predictive Policing Strategies

The department will utilize any policing strategy or tactic that develops and uses information and advanced analysis to inform forward-thinking crime prevention.  This includes utilization of available intelligence and data, deployment of resources in a timely and targeted fashion specific to each shift or assignment, and continuing partnerships established through Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch.

Address Traffic Issues

Provide for a structured approach in dealing with the traffic related issues experienced in the city by utilizing engineering, education, and enforcement strategies in dealing with these problems.  Targeted enforcement of traffic along the Highway 395 corridor will be the priority of a dedicated traffic unit.

Gang Suppression Efforts

Implement strategies for the reduction and elimination of criminal gang activity and associated negative effects upon the community and school environment.  A zero-tolerance stance for all incidents involving elements of gang activity will be taken by members of the department.

Livability Issues

Focus on those issues which impact the livability of the citizens we serve will be a high priority.  This includes noise complaints, animal complaints, drug enforcement, and all code issues including areas of blight.

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