Hermiston Police News: Suspect arrested with multiple charges

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On the 16th of April 2012, at approximately 3:50 PM, officers of the Hermiston Police Department were dispatched to Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church located at 565 W Hermiston Avenue on a report of an unknown Hispanic male yelling and howling.  Officers arrived and contacted Reynardo Mendoza Barrera 31 years of age of 600 SE 4th Street, Hermiston.

Barrera was asked to leave the premises and agreed to do so.  As the officers were getting ready to leave, church employees called back stating the male had just broke out a stained glass window in an apparent attempt to gain access back inside.  Officer Bill Golter contacted the male again, this time out front of the church on the Hermiston Avenue side.  The male threw a large rock through the front window and refused to comply with Officer Golter’s commands.  Officer Golter attempted to subdue Barrera with a Taser but after the 5-second cycle, Barrera dove through the broken front window.  Barrera then threw a glass vase filled with flowers and water at Officer Golter striking him in the chest.

Officer Golter and Sergeant Tim Beinert attempted to contact Barrera inside the church but he (Barrera) had locked himself inside a bathroom.  Additional officers arrived on scene and Barrera refused all orders.  Two additional deployments of the Taser were made before officers physically gained control of Barrera.

Barrera was taken into custody and Hermiston Fire and Emergency Services paramedics transported him to the hospital.  An officer accompanied as Barrera continued to be very agitated.  Barrera was treated at Good Shepherd Hospital and released to police custody.  During the process of taking Barrera to the county jail, Barrera had to be restrained further to keep him from kicking the windows in the patrol car.  During this encounter, Barrera kicked Officer Golter in the face, breaking his glasses.

Though covered in blood from Barrera, none of the officers sustained any serious injuries during the multiple confrontations.

Barrera was lodged at Umatilla County Jail and charged with Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree, and Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree.  Additional charges to include Forgery in the First Degree for documents Barrera had in his possession will be forthcoming.

“Once again, our officers showed great restraint in taking Mr. Barrera into custody with the least force possible.  Though at times it can be frustrating, it is not a crime to suffer from mental illness. Initially, Mr. Barrera had committed no crimes for which he could be held for evaluation,” reports Acting Chief Jason Edmiston

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