EOTEC - Minutes

Fri., Mar. 31, 2017

Present were Board Members Ed Brookshier, Vijay Patel, Larry Givens, Dan Dorran, Kim Puzey, and Don Miller. Also present were Heather Cannell, Amy Palmer, Lilly Alarcon-Strong, Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian, and members of the public.

Vice Chair Dan Dorran called the meeting to order at 7:02 am.

Food Trailers

Dan tabled this action item due to ongoing discussions.  Options will be available by the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Vijay moved and Ed seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the regular Board meeting on March 10th.  Motion carried unanimously.

Agreement & Ratification Document

Dan asked if this is an extension of the previous approved contract.

John Eckhardt clarified that yes, this resolves any issues from the previous contract and states that EOTEC is specifically tied to LRS.

Ed moved and Kim seconded to approve the Agreement & Ratification Document.  Motion carried unanimously.

Budget & Fiscal

Amy presented the March disbursements and asked if the EOTEC Board would like to review the March Budget Report in next meeting’s packet or wait until the following meeting as she will not be able to make the next meeting.

The Board stated they would like to review them at the next meeting. Ed moved and Larry seconded to approve the March disbursements. Motion carried unanimously.

Fundraising -Donor Wall

John Eckhardt stated they are working on finalizing the design and will be incorporation the same materials for the sign and bathroom.  He will bring the finalized design back to the board for review and approval.

Barn Report

John Eckhardt with Knerr Construction reported they are on schedule. Main framing is up on two buildings and the panels will go up as the wind dies down. The beef barn will be up in about a week and a half and the commons area is on track. Grading for all asphalt paving to begin today and to be paved by next week.  Landscaping is coming along with water and grass seed. Perimeter fencing is going up and is established.  Permission has been granted to burn the slash piles in place with communication with the Fire Department.

John stated they are trying to finalize the work scope for moving the cop shop to the fairgrounds but they do not have the funding. There was some discussion regarding where the funding would come from, infrastructure costs, and other questions.

Dan stated the Board will need to obtain a solid estimate before proceeding and involving the City and the County.

Larry will check on the option of FEMA moving the trailer to EOTEC.

Gay Newman stated the hog and sheep panels look great.

Don stated the new panel design with built in pins had lower labor costs.

Dan stated the panels chosen are designed very well and asked who owns the design.

Don stated there is no ownership of the Noble panels.

John Eckhardt reported they have installed a 4th well. The 3rd well was not viable and the 4th well is not producing enough water. IRZ is helping work on a scope of work for the wells, determining the size of the pumps needed. Cost is being covered by the City of Hermiston to trench and connect the two wells to be able to process about 110 gallons per minute.

Rodeo Report

Carl Hendon from Hendon Construction reported substantial completion with the arena portion. The goal is to bring in the platform in two sections, built offsite, for the announcers stand. The bleachers are 90% complete.  They are slated to go in April 15th, with 7-8 weeks for corrections to bleachers.  They are also ahead of the schedule.

Dan asked both John and Carl where we are on the restrooms.

John stated the restroom structure went out to bid yesterday.  There was some discussion about the number of stalls in the restroom and the ability to open only a portion of the restroom for smaller events.  The small animal barns restrooms are the only restrooms designed with the showers.

Dan thanked both John and Carl for their hard work and the progress being made.


Heather stated the gutter on backside of building has been reinstalled after damage from snow.  As far as events, most rooms and the building are reserved for graduation events.

Public Comment

Question asked about leveling and grading the plowed dirt before the wind starts blowing.  There is a plan in place to address the situation soon.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on Friday, April 14th, @ 7:00 am at EOTEC located at 1705 E. Airport Road, Hermiston.

Adjourned- at 7:41am.

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