Faith Based Advisory Committee - Minutes

Tue., Jun. 6, 2017

Present were Pastors James Lafolette, Terry Cummings, Dean Hackett, and Jeff Snell. Daniel Maxwell was absent.  Also in attendance were Councilor Rod Hardin and Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

Jeff opened the meeting in prayer at 4:38 pm.


Dean moved and Jeff seconded to approve the minutes of the May 2nd meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Family Promise Update 501c3

James stated with Dean’s help, the committee finalized and submitted the 501c3 paperwork. When submitting these documents James was told processing and approval would take at least 3 to 4 months, and that was considered fast. James stated he received the 501c3 approval letter dated May 30th, less than 2 weeks after submission! The Committee agreed this was good news and gave thanks.

Mentors and Training Date

James stated currently there are 2 active mentors. Their cases are very difficult as the families are very dependent on “the system,” and have entitlement issues as well. James asked that Committee please recruit individuals and families whom they think would be good mentors. Mentors and mentees meet or speak a couple of times a month or more depending on what the mentee’s needs are and what the mentors are able to provide. The next mentor training is June 21st & 22nd in the evening.

Grant Writing Seminar

James stated there is a full 2-day Grant Writing Seminar on June 20th and 21st thru Grant Writing USA. The cost is $455.00 to attend and asked the Committee if this was something they thought would be beneficial to Family Promise as funds are quickly depleting. James stated if the Committee was in agreement to send someone to this seminar; Oasis Church would contribute $100.00 to go towards the registration fee and would ask that other area churches, if able, contribute as well.

Terry stated he felt this would be valuable to the Committee but the person who attends the seminar must be dedicated to writing grants to help Family Promise.

Dean agreed and stated the person attending the seminar would need to realize this is a big commitment and also contributed $100.00 from Living Faith Church.

James sated he would try to do some outreach in order to recruit someone who would be willing to take on this responsibility.

Rod stated he will also be speaking with City Manager Smith to see if more City funding is available.

National Night Out

James stated National Night Out is August 1st. Please encourage everyone to participate.

School Adoption Update

Dean stated this program has lost momentum, but it would be great to get it going again. Dean and James stated they would work on this project together so that it can be operational prior to school starting for the 2017-2018 school year.

Next Meeting

James stated the next meeting is September 5th, 2017, as there will not be July or August meetings.

There was no other business and James, Dean, and Terry adjourned the meeting in prayer at 5:23pm.

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