EOTEC - Minutes

Fri., Jan. 27, 2017

Present were Board Members Byron Smith, Dan Dorran, Don Miller, Larry Givens, Ed Brookshier, and Kim Puzey.  Vijay Patel was excused. Also present were Amy Palmer, Heather Cannell, Lilly Alarcon-Strong, Holly Lambert, Mayor Dave Drotzmann, City Councilor Doug Primmer (arrived at 7:03am), Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian, and members of the public.

Chairman Byron Smith called the meeting to order at 7:00 am.

Meeting Minutes

Dan moved and Ed seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the regular Board meeting on December 9th. Motion carried unanimously.

Maintenance/Operations Contract

Byron stated only one response was received from the RFP for a maintenance/operations contract, but the rate proposal was on the higher side. Byron requested that the board allow he and Heather to negotiate the price and come up with a better contract. 

Ed asked if there were any others flaws in the bid response besides the price. 

Byron said no, the staffing and experience to do the work is sufficient.

Don asked if there will be a trial period.

Byron stated yes, there will be a flexible trial period.

Ed moved and Dan seconded for Heather and Byron to negotiate the maintenance/operations contract. Motion carried unanimously.

(Doug arrived at 7:03am.)

Signage Recommendation

Dan presented the entrance sign packet, noting that ODOT is working very well with EOTEC to get the entrance directional signs up.  Once ODOT has placed the new signs on HWY 395, they will remove the old signage for past fairgrounds.  This should happen in the next 2 weeks on the 4 x 8 directional signs. 

Dan reviewed the signage budget estimate for construction of the entrance sign.  Masonry, concrete, labor at $13,500, Brick and caps at $1700, signage at $4500, Stucco at $3000 and electrical lighting at $1900 for a total budget of $24,600.00. Dan stated we could do better on the price.

Dan requested that the entrance signage assignment be taken off of Knerr Construction’s plate and allow the Construction Committee to take the lead on this project.

Bryon stated he is good with that plan.

After some discussion, it was suggested to remove part of the fencing as the thank you/back side of the sign would not be as visible through the cyclone fence.   

Dan moved and Ed seconded to direct the signage committee to obtain bids on the presented sign to bring back to the Construction Committee for approval.  Motion carried unanimously.

December Disbursement, Financial Report and January Disbursement

Finance Director Amy Palmer stated because there was not a meeting at the end of December, the disbursement request had been sent out electronically and approved via email on 12/20/2016. Although the disbursements have been approved, the Board is still asked to ratify the disbursements in an open meeting. 

Kim moved and Ed seconded to ratify the December disbursements.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Amy presented the December report. Dan moved and Larry seconded to approve the December Financial Report.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Finance Director Amy Palmer presented the January disbursements. Questions were raised on the State of Oregon Ethics committee annual fee and the Eastern Oregon Telecom total bill.  Amy stated she will research the Ethics fee and Byron stated the EOT bill will be looked at as it includes a variety of charges beyond telephone service. Larry moved and Ed seconded to approve January disbursement as prepared and presented by Finance Director Amy Palmer.  Motion carried unanimously.

Amy presented the EOTEC Monthly Profit & Loss Board report for events that she, Heather, Barb and Holly created to show event expenses. 

Heather stated she is working toward having a similar type of report through Event Pro. 

Amy presented the FREW Budget and it was decided to add a column to see where money has been spent in each category.  There was some discussion on the net lottery dollar numbers, additional TPA dollars, bonds and how that will play out this spring.


Mayor Drotzmann reported on the status of fundraising with signage and working with sponsors on their logos.  He expressed the wish for signage, including the entrance monument and donor wall, to flow together.

(Larry exited at 7:45am)


Dan moved and Don seconded to spend $2,000 for marketing the Horse Sale Extravaganza. Motion carried unanimously.

Barn Report

John Eckhardt with Knerr Construction reported on the progress of the barns.  John stated that the snow and ice have had an impact on the project and will set the completion date back, as Knerr is unable to work with frozen ground.

(Don exited at 7:48am)

John stated the bid process is moving forward with the barns, the commons area, food vendors, electrical, and plumbing. Trenching activities for electrical and underground irrigation are a concern as the weather is preventing the projects from moving forward.  John stated Knerr is continuing to work through obstacles and on the fence design.

(Don returned at 7:50am)

Mike Kay requested permission for the Construction Committee to move forward to review and award the concrete bid.

Dan moved and Ed seconded to authorize the Construction Committee to move forward and award the concrete bid on the barns.  Motion carried unanimously.

Rodeo Report

Carl Hendon from Hendon Construction stated due to the weather Hendon Construction has adjusted their schedule’s completion date to June 15th, 2017.  This pushes back the original completion date schedule by two weeks, but hope to have everything completed by June 1st.  Carl shared that progress is being made on other items including the restrooms and bleachers. 

Byron stated that the City is contracting with a third party building official, Jack Applegate, to ensure codes, etc. are being met and to review all plans.

Request to Rename E. Airport Rd.

Byron shared the discussion had by the City Council and the County Commissioners at the latest City Council work session regarding renaming E. Airport Rd due to confusion with E. Airport Rd and Airport Way which are located very near each other.  Concerns were expressed about the costs residents and businesses along E. Airport Rd. would incur in the process.

Dan moved and Don seconded to support the City and County’s efforts in moving forward to rename the road.  Motion carried unanimously.

Byron shared the concerns that arose during the City Council and County Work Session regarding staffing, EOTEC events, future bookings, Board structure and the need to look at the long-term.  Byron suggested a committee be formed for long-term positions/staffing needs. Byron stated the Board has worked intently on spending carefully to not be a burden on the County and City, but decisions need to be made to move forward for the long term.

Dan moved and Ed seconded to form a marketing plan from the EOTEC Board and directed Byron to form a subcommittee to bring a report back to the Board.  Motion carried unanimously.

Byron stated it is going to take some time, an estimated 30-45 days to be able to schedule a meeting and complete the research needed.


Heather stated the EOTEC facility continues to be busy.    She has hired Brad as the new Admin. Assistant with a starting date of February 6th. 

Don asked for written approved job descriptions.   The board was reminded this is a temporary position.

Public Comment

Mayor Drotzmann thanked the EOTEC Board for their support of renaming E. Airport Rd. and requested the EOTEC Board formally support the improvements to Ott Rd.

Byron stated he will follow up by bringing a resolution of support to the Board.

Ed asked if the Board should continue meeting twice a month. The consensus was to keep meetings at twice a month unless Byron determines there are not agenda items to hold a second meeting in any month.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on Friday, February 10th, @ 7:00 am at EOTEC located at 1705 E. Airport Road, Hermiston.

Adjourned- at 8:14 am.

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