Faith Based Advisory Committee - Minutes

Tue., Jan. 3, 2017

Present were Pastors James Lafolette, Terry Cummings, Dean Hackett, and Jeff Snell. Daniel Maxwell was absent. Also in attendance were Councilor Rod Hardin, Kriss Dammeyer and Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

Dean opened the meeting in prayer at 4:40 pm.

Debbie Cissna from the Pregnancy Care Center invited the FBAC to attend a Pastors Breakfast hosted by Dr. Dean Hackett on January 23rd from 8am to 10am at Living Faith’s Kingdom Café. Debbie stated Answering the Call Author John Eoncer will be in attendance to speak about Pregnancy Support Centers, global abortion, offer his experience about services, and discuss how to get past judgement and shame. Debbie encouraged all to attend and spread the word.

Minutes- Jeff moved and Dean seconded to approve the meeting minutes of the December 6th, 2016 meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Family Promise Update- James asked Kriss to update the Committee regarding Family Promise.

Kriss stated the office lease has been signed at 230 SE 2nd Suite B, Hermiston. Dr. Spike has provided new carpet and paint, and the buildings insurance company will provide coverage for building repairs. Dr. Spike is very interested and eager to help both organizations, so he has also lowered the office space rental fee from $450.00 to $400.00 per month to help with startup.

James stated FBAC has paid their first monthly share of rent in the amount of $133.33.

Kriss asked if FBAC would like to be involved in the ribbon cutting ceremony to be held in the near future and asked if they would like to join the Chamber at $100.00 per year, as they help with outreach and are a great resource.

The Committee stated they would like to be involved in the ribbon cutting. Dean moved and Terry seconded to join the Chamber. Motion carried unanimously. Dean stated his congregation will pay $50.00 towards the $100.00 membership fee.

Kriss stated she is in need of office furniture and will email a list of items that are needed. Shelving is also needed to store and organize hygiene items, clothes and shoes, and other items that are donated and stored to give to families that are in need that they are helping.

Jeff stated he will contact Wal-Mart DC to see if they have items that can be donated.

The Committee discussed office hours, business phone line, and building security to include cameras, etc. The Committee agreed for security purposes, the office should be locked at all hours, have a door bell and camera in place so that Kriss is able to see who is at the door before opening it. Kriss will look into phone options and return to the Committee with choices.

Kriss stated the informational meeting will be Thursday, January 19th from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at the Library’s Lanham Room, and has compiled a list of mentor families that need immediate attention and hopes people will sign up at the meeting. With the new office space almost ready, training can be held at the new office. New Hope Church has volunteered to print the entire binders for training purposes for free.

James stated the Committee also needs to focus on fund raising before funds are depleted.

Dean stated he will work with Dave Hughes for help with grant writing as there is a possible $5,000 in funding from the Wild Horse Foundations that he believes they would qualify for.

Rod suggested they contact Good Shepherd as well.

Kriss stated she has a possible contact from Good Shephard that may be able to grant write for free.

Jeff stated to get additional support and donations, the Committee should also make and send out flyers so people, businesses, and organizations know who they are and what they are what they are doing.

Kriss stated there is a tremendous amount of collaboration happening within the community with all the organizations, and it is such a wonderful thing to see and be a part of.

Dean stated this is the vision that the late Mayor Bob Severson had. Was to see the community and organizations all come together to help each other.

Lilly presented the Committee with the Hermiston Area Regional Transit (HART) bus map, schedule and information flyer, and encouraged all present to take the flyers with them and promote the new free intra-city bus service offered throughout Hermiston.

Lilly informed the Committee that beginning this month, Rod is no longer an active member of FBAC; he will continue to attend all meetings but only as a Council Representative. The Committee will also be made up of the current five members: James Lafolette, Terry Cummings, Dean Hackett, Jeff Snell, and Daniel Maxwell and all members will have staggered 3-year terms, and are asked to fill out an application to have all their information on file like the rest of the City Committees.

There was no other business and Rod adjourned the meeting in prayer at 5:43pm.

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