EOTEC - Minutes

Fri., Jun. 9, 2017

Present were Board Members Byron Smith, Ed Brookshier (via phone), Kim Puzey, Dan Dorran, Larry Givens and Don Miller. Vijay Patel was excused. Also present were Bill Elfering - Umatilla County Commissioner, Heather Cannell, Holly Lambert, Barb McMahon, Jade McDowell of the East Oregonian, and members of the public.

Chairman Byron Smith called the meeting to order at 7:00 am.

Meeting Minutes

Larry moved and Don seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the regular Board meeting on
May 12th.  Motion carried unanimously.

Donation of Flag Pole

Byron presented the donation of a flag pole to EOTEC and asked where should it be placed.  Board members suggested it be placed close to the EOTEC building, near the ticket booth, possibly cover the transformer, and be lighted at night. Byron will take all suggestions to the building committee who will determine the final placement.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Byron requested the Board discuss and select a date for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

After discussion, the Board consensus is to hold the ribbon cutting ceremony on Parade Saturday, August 5th, prior to the start of the Umatilla County Fair & Rodeo.  The time is to be determined and a letter/invitation to go out soon.

General Manager Job Announcement

Byron presented the general manager job description created by the subcommittee and agreed upon by the City Council and EOTEC Board at their June 1st meeting.  Byron presented the draft of the job announcement asked the Board their thoughts on moving forward.

Dan stated his approval that the job description says what we need and asked that it also be advertised in the OFAA, WFA and Oregon Hospitality.

The Board consensus is to review resumes as a whole Board and then narrow it down to smaller selection committee.

Ed cautioned the Board not to settle on a candidate that doesn’t fully meet their expectations.

Kim pointed out that the advertisement does not imply any obligation to hire.

Larry moved and Dan seconded to move forward with the advertising for the General Manager Job announcement.  Motion carried unanimously.

Budget & Fiscal: Byron presented the April Financial Reports.

Larry moved and Don seconded to accept the April EOTEC Event Report. Motion carried unanimously. 

Dan moved Larry seconded to approve the April Financial Report. Motion carried unanimously.

Byron stated due to cancellation of the last meeting, the disbursement request had been sent out electronically and approved via email on 05/25/17. Although the disbursements have been approved, the Board is still asked to ratify the disbursements in an open meeting.

Kim moved and Don seconded to ratify the May Disbursements. Motion carried unanimously.

Fundraising: No report.

Hoteliers/Marketing: No report.  Final Quarter TPA dollars are not in yet.

Barn Report

Byron stated John Eckhardt with Knerr Construction was unable to attend today’s meeting due to an emergency.   Byron reported the roof over the large barn is almost complete, the trusses on the bathrooms are set, all pieces of construction are on target as far as timing and the front fence contractor is finalized. 

Larry asked about putting up fencing or something to prevent unauthorized people from entering the property as it is a liability issue for Knerr & Hendon.

Byron stated he will work with Knerr & Hendon to address the issue of unauthorized people entering the property.

Rodeo Report

Carl Hendon of Hendon Construction anticipates completion of the infrastructure and underground, they are about to re-groom and re-grade to assure proper drainage, then bring in two inches of gravel to cover the area to be asphalted.  At that point, the curbing between the vendors and the asphalt will be installed.  Stairs are in the announcer stands, phase one of the bleachers is 85% complete and the second phase of the bleachers and all major items are on track.

Byron thanked both contractors for doing a great job keeping on schedule and expediting things when they are needed.

Mike Kay stated that the Mercantile is on schedule.

Governance: No report. 


Heather reported that the facility is busy the next two weekends with graduation parties.  She stated that RDO is looking at donating a gator year-round to EOTEC providing we place it under our insurance.

Public Comment

Tom Roberts, Umatilla County Emergency Manager, stated the Emergency Management Plan for events is nearly complete and they are planning a table top exercise to determine any shortcomings in the plan. A meeting to present the plan will be held at 8:00 am on June 21st.  Tom requested members of the EOTEC Board, County Commissioners, the UCF & Rodeo Boards, City Council, local law enforcement, first responders and emergency personnel and others be present.  He hopes to also give site tours of the facility to first responders. 

Tom also commented on the potential of using the facility in August to earn revenue during the eclipse event.

Larry stated the Board of Commissioners met and discussed the fair and the number of items that will need to be done prior to fair and having volunteers to complete the work and inquired about the move of the CSSEP building.

Commissioner Elfering asked about who’s responsible for the large to do list to be completed prior to Fair.

Both Byron and Don responded that everyone has large to-do lists and they are going to end up being blended efforts.

Gay Newman stated that about 75% of their projects will require volunteers and asked when they might be able to come in.

Byron stated that the contractors are looking at a substantial completion date of July 15th.   There are large volunteer groups coming in on the 15th, 22nd & 29th and any of those times volunteers can come in.  If more time is needed, coordination can be made with Knerr construction.

Byron reported to the Board the resident concerns raised about EOTEC at the joint City Council & County Commissioner meeting, including noise, drunk driving after events, and having enough water for local farmer’s with EOTEC’s use of irrigation district water.

Dan stated that the joint City Council, EOTEC meeting went very well, was very productive and many residents participated and toured the facility.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting and adoption of EOTEC budget with public hearing will be on Wednesday, June 21st @ 7:00 am at EOTEC located on 1705 E. Airport Road, Hermiston, OR.

Adjourned- at 7:43 am.

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