Airport Advisory - Minutes

Wed., Apr. 5, 2017

Members Present: Mike Martin, Ron Osgood, Ron Linn, and Dan Burns.

City Representative: Mark Morgan.

Airport caretakers: Absent

Visitors: Tracy May, Ted Peseka, Andrew Kilgore

Members absent:  Tim Beinert                                                                                       

Minutes: None available.

Airport Caretaker Report:  Susie Rawe provided the Monthly Managers Report. This report was reviewed by the committee. Susie reported the need for an electrical bid to install electrical power in the current shed. This power will allow the use of a compressor that the committee made the motion to approved a purchase. The discussion then steered towards the need to replace aircraft tiedown points with ropes instead of chains. This year with the additional plowing required caused damag most of the tiedown chains. Susie again has requested some landscaping around current fuel tanks and yard.

Financial report: Reviewed. On schedule with our budgeted calendar year.

Old Business:

  • Fuel hose replacement: The airport received grant approval to replace the existing fuel hose with a smaller diameter Jet A and 100LL hose. The ground wire needs repaired.

New Business:

  • East security fencing repair: The east airport boundary security fencing repaired following an automobile accident.
  • Critical Oregon Airport Relief grant (COAR): Application has received a grant to enable the Airport Master Plan project. The City of Hermiston will be responsible for 1% of total cost.
  • AGIS: The Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) will be operations by the end of the week. The aerial imaging has been completed. Anderson/Perry still has some survey work in progress.
  • Airport master plan: The project is on schedule.
  • K2 Aerial storage agreement: Andrew Kilgore would like to enter a one year usage agreement with the City of Hermiston for 2000SF of land on the east side of the rinsate facility. This area will store equipment essential for the operation of his aerial application business.

Ted Peseka from ASI Ag expressed concerns about ground operation leases being adjacent to the Rinsate facility.

Mark Morgan highlighted the difference between this storage agreement and a traditional ground lease.He indicated that K2 is not in a position to commit to a 20-year lease, and wants to retain flexibility.In return, however, this proposed agreement would provide extensive flexibility to the City, while still memorializing the relationship between the City and K2.The agreement would only be for one year at a time, would require annual renewal by the Airport Board, and would allow the Airport Board to direct K2 to relocate at any time with 45-days notice.

The committee determined there would be no operational difficulties with the Rinsate users with K2 Aerial being located east of the facility. A motion was made and moved to approve the agreement at a rate equivalent to the current ground lease rate of 15c a square foot.

Meeting adjourned: 4:45pm

Next meeting: May 3rd, 2017 at 4:00pm


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