EOTEC - Minutes

Fri., Feb. 24, 2017

Chairman Byron Smith called the meeting to order at 7:00 am.

Meeting Minutes

Ed moved and Don seconded to approve the meeting minutes from the regular Board meeting on February 10th.  Motion carried unanimously.

Mosaic Art Donation presentation

Dean Fialka presented the Mosaic Art piece made by a Highland Hills 5th Grade Elementary class.  The art piece auctioned at this year’s Hermiston Education Foundation dinner and was purchased by over 35 individuals and couples.  The group has donated the art to the EOTEC Event Center, a place chosen for its accessibility and future public enjoyment.  With this donation, it is hoped the artwork’s creators could revisit their creation as well as recognize and pass on the value of volunteer services to one’s community to succeeding generations.

Dean introduced Patrick Temple, Highland Hills fifth grade teacher who shared the history and purpose behind the work of art.   He shared he was blessed by the community support of education at the 2013 Beef and Beach Ed Foundation Fundraiser and worked with his 5th grade classes for three years and over 17 student hands to complete the piece.  Patrick shared the many discussions the piece created with the students over creating an heirloom.  Patrick thanked the EOTEC Board for accepting this donation.

EOTEC Organization

Byron presented the outline of how the Board would see the long-term organization of EOTEC.  The first page shows the Hermiston City Council, along with the Umatilla County Commission by intergovernmental agreement, who will appoint the EOTEC Board, who will hire an EOTEC General Manager/Director, who will hire an Administrative Assistant and an Operations/Maintenance person.

Byron reviewed the duties of the Hermiston City Council/Umatilla County Commission to appoint board members and approve funding.  The EOTEC Board will adopt the budget, hire the General Manager/Director and adopt policies.  The EOTEC General Manager/Director is responsible to hire/fire/supervise staff, recommend and manage the budget, providing financial oversight and reporting, oversee operations/maintenance, implement a marketing plan, attend trade shows, establish website and social media presence, book events, assist in staffing events, work with board and user groups and establish meeting agendas.  The EOTEC Administrative Assistant’s duties include answering phones, maintaining website and social media presence, greet the public, conduct tours as needed, process rental paperwork, assist with event set-up/clean-up and maintain basic accounting records. 
EOTEC Operations and Maintenance will set-up and tear-down events and clean and maintain building and grounds, using outside staff if needed.

Vijay would like to review EOTEC Operations each year, making changes and corrections where needed.  He stated this chart is a very good start.

Dan agreed it is a good point that it is a good start, but that as we change, this organization chart may change.

Ed asked about who is responsible for developing the marketing plan.  Discussion on having the general manager “assist and develop” the marketing plan.

Vijay offered to bring a sample marketing plan from Tri-Cities.

Byron requested the Board think on EOTEC’s organization and possibly adopt the chart at the next meeting.

February Disbursements

Ed moved and Vijay seconded to approve the February disbursements.  Motion carried unanimously.


No report.


No report.

Barn Report

John Eckhardt with Knerr Construction reported they have successfully broke ground and are scheduled to have gravel in on Monday.  ITB’s going out on animal pens and electrical bid package goes out today.  Commons area is getting redesigned and finalized and final design on domestic water is being completed. Landscaping activities will also begin today.

Byron stated the City is paying to drill the second well in the next week.  The well will be located on the SE corner of the developed portion of the site.

Byron added that Dean, with the Rotary Club, are working on getting trees for EOTEC’s landscaping.

Rodeo Report

Byron shared an update from Hendon Construction, noting that Carl is at the state wrestling tournament today.   Mike Kay added that Hendon continues to pour concrete, many pieces are 100% poured and that they are right on schedule.


Byron stated the Neighborhood Meeting is scheduled for March 7th at 5:30pm.  He and Heather will put together a flyer to hand out to EOTEC’s neighbors.  Byron also asked the Fair & Rodeo to be present at this meeting to discuss parking and traffic for the big event.  The Structure Committee reported to be on schedule to bring a draft to the next joint work session of the City.

Discussion of Draft Lease Agreement

Byron stated Heather has been working on a more formalized draft rental agreement for the Board’s review, based on the county’s, what has been used down at the fairgrounds.

Heather stated our current agreement is very simple and did not hold the client accountable for certain actions.  Heather reviewed a few questions on certain parts of the contract with the Board, regarding non-smoking grounds and cost recovery fees for profit based groups earning money on the grounds.

Mike Kay asked if the 15% cost recovery fee is for all groups.

Heather answered no, the draft lease agreement contract is for a for-profit lease.  There will be a separate lease contract for non-profit groups.

Discussion of Fair Sponsorship

Byron presented the fair sponsorship and asked the EOTEC Board if they would still be a sponsor now that the fair will be on EOTEC grounds.

Don stated yes, it is proper that EOTEC be a sponsor for the Umatilla County Fair and that as a sponsor, EOTEC will receive the sponsorship benefits given during the Fair.  The sponsorship fee will come from EOTEC’s marketing funds.

Public Comment

Chuck Royer, a local business man, felt the price to be paid of $22 an hour for janitorial and $40 an hour on lawn care awarded in the operations contract was high stating he has never charged that amount in his 33 years of service.  Mr. Royer questioned the board on how the bid was advertised to the public and awarded as he had no knowledge it was out for bid.

Byron stated the operations contract bid request was advertised in both the Hermiston Herald and East Oregonian and on the City & EOTEC’s websites. Byron stated the current contract is a six-month contract and it is likely to go out for bid again in six-months.

Tom Roberts, Umatilla County Emergency Manager, provided an update on Event and Security Management plans.  The committee has completed a solid foundational draft.  The next step is to receive a traffic plan from EOTEC to plan evacuation.  Once that is in place, the intent is to complete and present a draft by mid-April to the board.

Byron thanked Tom and that he appreciates the committee’s work on this.

John Eckhardt asked about timeline agreements for the County Fair and Rodeo.

Byron stated he hopes to have them next month.

Mike Kay expressed frustration over the length of time the Board is taking and the reality that the fair and rodeo is only five months away.  The rodeo is needing the agreements completed to move forward on their responsibility in the development of the rodeo portion.

Byron stated they are working on them, and continue to ask the fair and rodeo continue working in good faith and will bring them to the EOTEC Board. 

Mike requested to board look at this with a sense of urgency.

Next meeting

The next regular meeting will be on Friday, March 10th, @ 7:00 am at EOTEC located at 1705 E. Airport Road, Hermiston.

Adjourned- at 7:42 am.

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