Faith Based Advisory Committee - Minutes

Tue., Mar. 7, 2017

Present were Pastors Jeff Snell, Terry Cummings, and Dean Hackett. Daniel Maxwell was absent and James Lafolette was excused.  Also in attendance were Councilor Rod Hardin and Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

Jeff opened the meeting in prayer at 4:43 pm.


Jeff moved and Terry seconded to approve the meeting minutes of the February 7th. Motion carried unanimously.

Family Promise Update

Dean stated 6 people attended the Family Promise Training but more are needed. Dean asked that the Committee members reach out to people who they believe would be good mentors and speak to them about this program to see if it is something they would be interested in participating in. Dean stated James attended the training and will be able to give a better update on how the training went at the next meeting.

Dean stated Family Promise has 3 grant possibilities and, with Kriss’s help will be looking further into those grant opportunities. Dean stated now, that Family Promise is moving forward, the Committee should look at diving into a new project.

Rod agreed and stated the Committee has already ran itself out of business with the Citizen Accountability Board (CAB) Program as well, with a 98% success rate of non-repeat offenders.

I Love My City

Dean introduced Pastor Terry Haight from Hermiston Assembly of God who would like to expand “I Love My City” to all area churches.

Pastor Terry Haight stated he has been a pastor for the last 18 years, all of which has been served in Hermiston. His church was in the process of launching “I Love My City” in August 2016 when tragedy struck in the community. After the shooting tragedy, the I Love My City message and meaning took off as it really resonated within the community.  Since then, his church has dedicated time every 90 days, to show the love of God through acts of kindness in the community, from: car washes, running games at local parks, giving water bottles on hot days, wrapping gifts during Christmas, etc, all of which have been free to the community. Pastor Haight stated he got the idea of developing I Love My City from a Texas State National Director who also developed something similar in his community.

Pastor Haight stated for years their church had provided outreach services for the community, especially in the Dogwood Ave and surrounding neighborhood areas, but also always offers support for immediate needs, in the form of prayer.

Dean stated the outreach done on Dogwood Ave by Pastor Haight and his congregation is very similar to outreach done by congregations in Portland who would have two nights of service, have prayer walks, etc, in the areas of the city that had the worst crime rates. After repeatedly providing these services, crime drastically decreased in those areas.

Pastor Haight stated their church received recognition from the Mayor late last year for the “I Love My City” message and outreach, and since then, they have helped with Parks and Recreation community projects to include: Christmas on Main and the upcoming Recycling Day Event, by bringing together 400 to 600 volunteers to help clean up neighborhoods on the east side of the City. I Love My City is ever evolving and they are also working with the railroad to clean up the tracks along Elm St.

Dean asked Pastor Haight if his church was looking to branch out I Love My City to the entire community or only the area churches.

Pastor Haight stated although the message is to strengthen ties within the community as a whole, they really want to express and let it be understood that the motivation and acts of kindness of I Love My City are from faith-based community members that are showing the love of god.

Pastor Haight stated all community churches will host a joint service at EOTEC on April 16 and he will be reaching out to Chief Edmiston, Chief Stanton and Mayor Drotzmann to see if they would be willing to join them and share with the community what the faith-based community is doing within the community.

Dean commended Pastor Haight for all the work they have done launching this successful campaign as they had tried to do something similar years ago and were never able to get it off the ground.

Sunset Park Playground

Rod encouraged the committee to vote, if they have not done so yet, to win new playground equipment for Sunset Park. Rod stated a new park would enhance the neighborhood and help create a safe place for kids to play and people to do outreach to that area, like the afterschool programs that Mark Douglas helped create.

First Responders Rest Stop

Terry stated he would like to form areas within the City where first responders, specifically Law Enforcement, can take a break in a safe place that provides coffee, cold drinks, snacks, facilities, etc. free of charge for local first responders.

The Committee thought this was a great idea.

There was no other business and Terry adjourned the meeting in prayer at 5:20pm.

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