Faith Based Advisory Committee - Minutes

Tue., Apr. 4, 2017

Present were Pastors James Lafolette and Terry Cummings. Daniel Maxwell was absent and Jeff Snell and Dean Hackett were excused. Also in attendance were Councilor Rod Hardin, Kriss Dammeyer, and Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

James opened the meeting in prayer at 4:44 pm.

Family Promise Update-

Kriss stated the Department of Human Services has reached out to her with interest in being involved with Family Promise, both with client referrals and financially assisting the program. She will be meeting with DHS in the near future.

The Committee thought this was great news as it would help with needed ongoing funding. James asked that Kriss be completely upfront with DHS to make sure everyone knows, and understands, this program is a faith-based service; and, although, we do not preach to mentees this issue can come up. Family Promise was born from FBAC through a partnership with the City with seed money to get started. The goal of Family Promise is to help at-risk families with budgeting, resources, self-esteem, etc. with the goal of making it on their own without assistance.

Kriss stated there are six individuals that have passed all required screening and are ready to be mentors. She has already placed some mentors and mentees together but is in need of more mentees.

The Committee suggested that James and Kriss branch out to as many churches in the area as possible to inform the faith-based community about the program, and ask that those interested please get involved to be a mentor.

The Committee mentioned that the official Family Promise Board will need to have a meeting soon. James stated he has found an organization who can write out W-2’s, payroll checks with deductions, and 1/3 rental space, etc, for $199.00/year. This organization is widely used for most churches in Oregon.

Rod suggested he contract Severson Accounting and the accounting services used by his church for a quote. Rod will provide James with the information so this can get done ASAP.

(Terry left at 5:21pm)

Recycling Day Event

James stated Living Faith is organizing and volunteering in a downtown neighborhood cleanup event and the Recycling Day Event on Saturday, April 8th.

Rod stated Living Faith will also be holding a joint service on Sunday, April 9th at EOTEC with the congregations that are helping in the neighborhood cleanup event.

Sunset Park Playground

Rod stated with over 19,000 votes, Hermiston won the $20,000 Moda Trail Blazers Assist Competition against Portland and Tillamook.

There was no other business and Rod adjourned the meeting in prayer at 5:24pm.

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