Parks & Recreation Committee - Minutes

Thu., Feb. 16, 2017

Chairperson Cortaberria called the February 16, 2017 meeting to order at 5:30pm.  Present were Board members J. Stahlberg, R. Severs, L. Garcia, C. Harrison, S. Williams, M. Kay, and Councilor J. Myers.

2016 November Minutes

Board members L. Garcia moved and J. Stahlberg seconded that minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of January 19, 2017 be approved. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Attendance


Public Comment



A) Recreation Supervisor

Director Fetter thanked the board for the help and support in the selection process of hiring the next Recreation Supervisor. Brandon Artz from Vancouver, WA was selected and will be starting his new position on March 6th and will be invited to a parks and recreation board meeting so all can meet him.  This time of the year will be busy for him with the spring/summer season and startup of the pool.

B) Sunset Park, Moda Assist Program

Showing an illustration of the Sunset Park flyer that is being circulated, Mr. Fetter gave an update of the Moda Assist competition. Currently, Hermiston is ahead of Jason Lee Elementary from Portland by 500 votes with Tillamook trailing behind. The director stated how important it will be to keep active on promoting this contest if Hermiston is to keep the lead. The department would like to reach out to the Hermiston School District to get the word out to students that have mobile devices to VOTE. The department plans to host contests, entries into drawings, and other promotions to help drive the number of votes up. In addition, flyers will be going out in the utility billings while ads are being aired on local radio stations.

Director Fetter reminded the board the contest runs through March 20th and he wanted to keep the pressure on until then. He stated there is no guarantee of how much the award will be however previous amounts have been around $20,000. The award is based on total number of assists the Trailblazers have during the timeline of the contest.

Chair Cortaberria reminded the group how imperative it is that any printed material that is used should include a QR code to prevent folks from having to type in the URL address.

C) Butte Update

Mr. Fetter attended a Hermiston Irrigation District meeting today, Feb. 16th, to share the idea of providing a utility access road to the South side of the Butte.  Currently utility vehicles are accessing the Butte on the North side interfering with recreational users so the idea is to move the traffic on the back side, taking the North side off limits to vehicle use, making it safer for pedestrians, runners, and recreation users.

The Director stated the city has a 50” road easement on the South side of the Butte that would be formed, fenced, and gated with all utility traffic coming from this side. This would eliminate the No Trespassing signs, providing a friendlier safe legal corridor from the neighborhood from the South side. A split rail fencing would be used on the West side of this road while chain-link fencing used on the East side to keep recreational users off property owners land. When finished recreational users will still be able to access the Butte from the South side by walking around the gate posts.

C. Harrison stated he has made contact with Roberta Conner with the Tribes and would like to gather historical information on the Butte and what value it had to the Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation. Director Fetter stated the information could work well in establishing an interpretive panel on the property.

D) Disc Golf Update

Good Shepherd Hospital has signed the agreement for use of their 12 acres along 11th Street. The original conceptual drawing of the course will have changes and adjustments that will bring a finalized 18 hole course design. When a final design had been finished it will be brought back to the committee to see.  The disc golf group has an application into the Hospital Foundation that could provide up to $40,000 to get the project started. Mr. Fetter confirmed the course will be un-watered with limited maintenance, accessible all the time and will be free to all users. The local disc golf group plans to offer workshops, tournaments, and work parties. The director stated, at the Irrigation meeting he attended, the board liked the course concept and were ready to sign the use agreement to get the project moving forward. Board member M. Kay  reminded the members that when re-designing the course that currently par 9 is situated so far out that when playing nine holes there is no place to easily pull out of the course. He suggested to replace the long par 5 into two shorter par 3’s so families or individuals only wanting to play nine holes would end in close proximity of where they started. Mr. Fetter reminded everyone this was the original conceptual and nowhere near what the final design will look like.

Showing a sign of enthusiasm, the director stated the Hermiston High School Shop class has made 8” cut-out medallions with the city logo that will be used to mount on the top of the disc golf goals.

Mr. Fetter hopes this project might open doors to future recreational programs over-time.


M. Kay asked for an update on the Senior Center

Mr. Fetter stated a pre-mandatory contractor meeting was held in which a dozen contractors attended. March 6th deadline was given for all bid submittals, with the most qualified lowest bidder being awarded the contract by March 13th.

Program highlights given by G. Wicks

Meeting adjourned at 6:05p,

Next meeting is March 9, 2017

 Inclement weather on February 9th rolled meeting to February 16th

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