Public Safety Committee - Minutes

Fri., Nov. 3, 2017

Councilor Kirwan called the meeting to order at 5:15PM. Present were Councilor Hardin, City Manager Byron Smith, Chief Edmiston, Brian Maess, Travis Eynon, Scott Clark, Mario Cobian, Derrick Williams, Amanda Hartsteen, and Lilly Alarcon-Strong. Councilor Primmer was excused.

3rd Quarter (2017) Crime Report

Chief Edmiston introduced police staff present and gave a 3rd quarter crime report update. Chief Edmiston proposed changing the quarterly comparison report from an annual base comparison to quarter to quarter comparison as to accurately reflect the quarters from year to year, and truly give an annual report at year end, as is customary.

After some discussion, the Committee accepted the recommended changes with the addition of a month to month breakdown of the quarterly report.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Chief Edmiston stated the Department is consistently looking at how to best manage the resources they have and what is available to them, including: evaluating corporal positions and shift work. The Department is also trying to reach out to the public more through social media with daily shift updates from lieutenants and captains regarding something that took place that day and/or a crime prevention tip. Chief Edmiston stated due to recent department retirements, there have been major personnel fluctuations in almost all staff positions, in some way or another, as many employees have been promoted within the organization.


Chief Edmiston presented Officer Mario Cobian with a commendation as Officer Cobian has dedicated a significant amount of his personal time to mentoring a youth, through the Oregon National Guard Youth Challenge Program, who was having difficulty with decision making and contemplating suicide.

Both John and Rod thanked Officer Cobian for his personal commitment and recognized what hard work it is keeping an individual on track.

2018 Department Goals

Chief Edmiston stated the 2018 department goals are very similar to last year’s goals.

John stated he felt that the police department is doing a good job contributing to livability, and expressed appreciation for their efforts.


Chief Edmiston stated the department is continuing to develop a Social Committee to help the department decompress and socialize while still staying connected, as a team. This year, in July, they had a department barbeque at a retired officer’s home.

48th Annual Christmas Express Program. Canned food drives will be held at local schools for 2 weeks; then, City employees will volunteer their personal time to build food boxes on Tuesday, December 12th and the Agape House staff and volunteers will continue to work with the City to distribute the boxes.

Misc Items

Chief Edmiston gave a brief over view of legislative changes regarding opioid charges, and stated he will be speaking more about the changes at the next City Council’s work session meeting later this month.

Chief Edmiston stated he has been researching a company that links pawn shop “sellers” throughout the nation. Currently, the local pawn shops give the PD a handwritten record of each person they buy merchandise from. This system tracks the “sellers” information and easily displays everywhere they have sold items to. The program is free to the business and charges the city by population. The cost to a city our size is about $3,000 to $4,000. This is a good resource and something to look more closely into and consider.

Taser also changed their name to Axon. They have also developed a new product called the Signal Side Arm. This device automatically turns on the body camera of any officer who deploys their weapon, and any body camera within 30 ft of that officer, forming a video bubble from every angle of the entire incident. Each device is $300.00, costing the department $5,100 but the price is well worth the investment.

John agreed that having these devices is a form of protection for the department and the City.


There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 5:50 PM.

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