Transit Advisory Committee - Minutes

Mon., Sep. 25, 2017

Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan opened the meeting at 4:09pm. Transit Advisory Committee members in attendance were Juli Gregory, Kristi Avery, and Jennifer Roberts. Debbie Pedro, Dean Fialka, and Barb Martin were not present. Also present was Council Representative Doug Primmer, Chief Edmiston, CTUIR Scheduling Coordinator Susan Johnson, Kayak HART Driver Ron Myers, and Executive Assistant Lilly Alarcon-Strong.

KAYAK Update-Scheduling and Routing

Susan reviewed 2 amended route options with the Committee:

Option 1

  • Has a total of 6 routes throughout the City.  
  • Instead of having 6 “looped” trips, there would be 6 back and forth trips. 3 going forward and 3 return trips.
  • The back and forth trips are overall shorter and more user friendly.

Option 2

  • Has a total of 6 routes throughout the City.
  • Has 4 looped trips, with 2 return trip.
  • This option gives people more time to do the things they need as the return time frames are overall longer, but riders can wait longer than 3 hours to be picked up from a stop.

Ron stated he feels that Option 1 is the best route with the most user friendly improvements. Currently, most people don’t want to use the bus system because the full loop takes too long, and if they are caught in a scheduled break or lunch time, they can wait even longer on the bus or at a stop.

An audience member stated he agrees with Ron regarding the bus route options. He has only rode the bus 1 time because of how long the full loop took to get back and forth from destinations. If option 1 is implemented, he will use the bus system again.

After some discussion, the Committee felt Option 1 was the best choice and asked that Kayak implement this updated route effective October 2nd, 2017. Susan reminded the Committee that although making changes for the betterment of the route and community is important, it is also vital not to change the route frequently as this will discourage ridership. People will not want to continue using a system that is frequently changing.

Mark stated he hopes that once this route has been better established, medical offices will work with riders, both in scheduling appointments, and making sure they are done before the bus comes back to get them.

Susan and Mark stated as more funding becomes available, the Committee will decide if they want to add longer hours to the bus route that has already been implemented or add a weekend day to the route.

Bus Shelters

Mark stated the City was able to purchase 12 bus shelters for $1,500. The shelters will need to be picked up and stored until a decision has been made on where to permanently place them throughout the City.

Doug suggested Mark look into Oregon Corrections Enterprise to retrieve the shelters.

Next meeting  

January 8th, 2018 at 4:00pm.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 4:44pm.

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