Library Board - Minutes

Wed., May. 24, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 4:02 by Board Chair Lori Spencer.  Also present were board members Kay Bennett, Anne Doherty, John Douglass and Library director Mark Rose.

The minutes of the April 26, 2017 meetings were approved as amended.

Unfinished Business: 

The new copier/printer equipment is scheduled for installation in early June.  Each PC will need a windows upgrade prior to other work.  The work is expected to take 2 consecutive weekend, and will impact public use.

Nancy Brown arrived.

New Business: 

The Board adopted the Debt Collection Policy as presented with corrections.  Anne made the motion, Kay seconded, the voting was unanimous.  The discussion included elimination of a required phone call by the director.

Mark presented his research on the terms of serving Board members.  With the change in by-laws earlier this year a clear path forward needed to be established.  The results of that research is as follows:

1 Lori Spencer unexpired 2009 2013 New 2017 2018
2 Ann Doherty 2009 2013 New 2017 2019  
3 Kay Bennett 2012 2016 New 2020    
4 John Douglas 2013 2016 New 2020    
5 Nancy Brown unexpired 2017 2021 New 2025  

Librarian's Report:

The interview process to the vacancy left by Raquel was completed yesterday.  85 applications were received, and 4 qualified candidates interviewed.  The process included input from 5 staff members, making a good team effort.

The Friends of the Library held a meeting recently which had the potential of shuttering the organization.  Fortunately new members were identified and present to help shoulder the leadership responsibility of the Friends.

The Library HVAC system was showing some problems.  The company contracted to service the units was notified who in turn moved up their routine inspection of our system.  They found damage, a result of ice, and have ordered the needed replacement parts.  These should arrive shortly and be installed.

The Library will be replacing rain gutters on the building in the next month.  Those currently installed are original to the building and showing signs of failure.

Mark shared a copy of “Library Adventures” with the board.

Other Matters:

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55.

A photo of the Board was taken after the meeting was adjourned.

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