Hermiston Parks & Recreation Committee - Minutes

Thu., Apr. 13, 2017

Chairperson Cortaberria called the regular meeting to order at 5:30pm  Present were Board members S.Williams, R. Severs, M. Kay, C. Harrison,  L. Garcia and Councilor Liaison J. Myers.  Member J. Stahlberg was excused.

2017 February and March Minutes

Board members M. Kay moved and C. Harrison seconded that minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of February 19, 2017 be approved. Motion carried unanimously.

Board members S. Williams moved and C. Harrison seconded that minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of March 9, 2017 be approved. Motion carried unanimously.

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A) Unscheduled Agenda Program update:

Director Fetter stated the “I Love my City” program was held on April 8th. The recycle event was started a couple years ago as a way for residents to clean-up around their house and it has grown to be a city-wide clean-up effort. With a turnout of over 300 people, volunteers primarily from New Hope, Assembly of God and Hispanic Faith Hope & Love Churches volunteers were stationed all over town. Dumpsters were set in place around City center with volunteers focusing on cleanup around Main Street, parking lots, collecting material and debris, weeding, and sweeping red cinder from winter weather into the street for the city sweeper.  Mr. Fetter stated it was amazing to see so many red “I Love My City” shirts around town.  Despite the cold windy day it was still a good turnout.

The follow up event, Household Hasardous Waster Collection is on April 22nd from 9am-3pm at E.O.T.E.C. This free event is where folks can get rid of pesticides, solvents, household cleaners - with a complete list of items on city web site. Mr. Fetter hopes next year the city can be divided up into neighborhoods so that clean-up will encompass all areas of the city.

Committee member Williams stated the garbage cans along W. Highland, near Hodge Park, are often full and whose responsibility is it to empty them. Not knowing whether they belong to the city or school district, Mr. Fetter stated he is interested in swapping them out for trash receptacles that have lids. During the summertime the Parks crew will have it on their route.

April 1st Arbor Day Tree-Giveaway update: Committee member (and Rotarian) Harrison stated the event was a great success and by 11:30am 1800 trees (nine varieties’) were gone. Even though it was cold windy Mr. Harrison was happy with the turnout.

B) Harkenrider Center update:

Director Fetter stated council did approve and award the contract of the Harkenrider Center to G2 Company. There has been a pre-construction meeting with the contractor, whet through their schedule and they will be starting soon. A ground breaking ceremony “Save the Date, Wednesday April 26 at 12:30pm” invitation was shown – Mr. Fetter hopes to create this a fun event. Councilor Meyers said she and Ed Brookshier will be bringing Frank and Bev Harkenrider to the ceremony. Mr. Fetter stated he has invited several people representing different groups who have been heavily involved from the beginning of the project then cycle in some of the seniors to be part of the event.

He hopes it will be a fun social event with picture opportunities with contractor on-site, some equipment in the background with construction fencing containing the area to separate it from the playground.

The director stated all the contract documents are in place and processed, permission from the school board for the design has been approved. Permit is pending upon a minor requirement from the building department.  Because it is a two story building the lower portion has to provide a safe dispersal area out to a public walkway so from the backside heading west a pathway will meander and connect to Highway 395. Chairperson Cortaberria asked if the access would be open all the time or just for emergency purposes. Mr. Fetter indicated that we would find out how the playground fence will separate the property so weather it is a gate or opening will determine how that playground fence comes up.  Member Kay stated from a Parks board view he would assume that if there was a secure fence between the senior center and the playground there wouldn’t be an insure of leaving it open because it would be part of the leased property but that was his view from the park member standpoint.  Mr. Fetter reminded members the construction fence will be going up immediately with final fencing be one of the last things to be installed.

3) Sunset Park

Hermiston received its moment of glory on April 1st when city members attending the blazer game were asked to come forward to accept a check for winning the recent Moda Assist competition. Winning the contest was based on most votes received.  For every assist blazers make $10 goes to the total check should be around $17,500. As been raised. Coming up next will be picking a new playground, installing it over the summer then in the fall there will be a dedication with Blazer players attending. Director Fetter pitched to the Blazers if they would like to put their logo down with non-stick surface we would let them, it would provide a fun photo opportunity for them.

Councilor Meyers stated she goes by the park several times a day and the basketball court is being used continually, entire Park is being used.

Ace Hardware would like to help install with a community build and member R. Severs offered to help wherever help is needed.  New curbing will be twice the size as the old and will be placed around the playground in an oval shape. Approximately a foot of fill material will be used around play equipment for safety and to meet requirements.

4) Disc Golf Update

Showing a picture of the future disc course Director Fetter reminded members that goals have ordered. Taken input and layout has be reconfigured the front nine and back nine with the front nice being constructed first. Anticipating playing the front nine this year and then there will be fund raising for the back nine. Front nine will be the entry level because there is not much tomography change...the back nine will be more challenging. We have received $15,000 to get the front nine going so this should be an immediate popular area.

Festival Street, addition to the agenda;

While not on the agenda Director Fetter wanted to keep the board up to date on the Festival Street project. A design that’s almost completed was shown of the entire Festival Street Plaza however focusing on the front – plaza extension with an interactive spray element centerpiece which would be super popular and but also very expensive so it would not be done now. Elevated hard-surface area broken up with bollards and street elements with infrastructure for water and electrical connects. The thought is to bring the Farmers Market to this location once finished. Looking at the design you could see future phases connecting 2nd Street with Harkenrider Center and moving south visually connecting to Conference Center. The arches from ALMS would be on the north end of the Festival Street with similar arches being proposed on the south end giving a bookend effect for the entire festival street.

Conference/Community Center, addition to the agenda;

The city has been considering and will make a final decision on April 18th whether the city will be taking over the operation of the community/conference center. This has been a conversation that has been going on between the city and the chamber. Mr. Fetter stated the chamber has run and operated the building for 25 years very successfully over the years. With the EOTEC Center opening however it has changed the dynamics of rentals and it becomes an interest of the city to push as much rental activity to EOTEC making the chamber space more available to create more opportunity for developing and expanding additional activities making it a true community center. Our department is already doing special events, such as Halloween Carnival, Pancakes with Santa, Gymnastic classes, Children’s Youth theater, other events.

Councilor Meyers wanted to confirm that the center would still be available to rent for any event that wants to go there that will fit but if the venue is too large it would need to use EOTEC. It will always be a community center available to rent by the community

Director Fetter stated this will create opportunity for recreational programing to expand and he has been asked to create a business plan development showing Parks and Recreation Department managing the site.

Program highlights given by G. Wicks

Meeting adjourned at 6:23pm

Next meeting is May 11, 2017

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