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City Code Now More User Friendly

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Residents of Hermiston can now more easily find the laws of the City by using the new search tool on the City of Hermiston website.

Council Activates Urban Renewal Agency

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The City Council Monday voted to activate its Urban Renewal Agency.  The action does not create an Urban Renewal District, but creates the agency which will be able to propose the district's formation and oversee its operations if ultimately adopted.  State law requires an Urban Renewal Agency to refer an Urban Renewal District Plan to a city's Planning Commission and the City Council before a district can be created.  If formation of an Urban Renewal District is ultimately turned down by the City Council, the Council can dissolve the Urban Renewal Agency by

Council Sets Aside Funds to Ensure Success of EOTEC

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The Hermiston City Council Monday approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Umatilla County to ensure that the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center starts off on the right foot.  Umatilla County Commissioner Dennis Doherty told the Council that in the first few years of operations, the EOTEC will be operating as a start-up business, and will likely need to have some guaranteed cash-flow to maintain operations at a level to attract future activity to a level where the EOTEC can then come close to supporting itself.

Council Re-Affirms Existing Zoning Regulations in Downtown

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The Hermiston City Council Monday agreed with a recommendation from the Mobile Vendor Sub-Committee that existing zoning rules in the downtown area need to be enforced more strictly.  One component of the existing C-1 zoning area which the Council said needs more emphasis is those businesses operating outside of an enclosed building, which is currently prohibited in the C-1 zone.  Other issues currently violating the C-1 rules also include outside storage and outside display of merchandise.

Urban Renewal Projects Forwarded to the Public

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A list of potential projects and programs to be funded through a downtown Hermiston Urban Renewal District is ready to go out to the public.  Concepts of several of the projects have been in the works for more than five years. 

City Puts City Council Recordings Online

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Audio recordings for the City of Hermiston’s City Council meetings are now available online.  Residents can find the recordings under the “Public Records” tab of the city’s website, or directly at

City's Bond Refinance Saves Taxpayers $600,000

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When it comes to selling bonds, getting good grades certainly pays off.  Standard & Poor’s recently rated the City of Hermiston’s Full Faith and Credit Bonds as A+.  The City of Hermiston is now set to save $600,621 over the next 20 years by refinancing bonds originally issued in 2003.

City Names New Facility 'Mayor Bob Severson Memorial Playground'

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The Hermiston City Council unanimously agreed Monday to name the new playground being constructed at Victory Square Park as, “Mayor Bob Severson Memorial Playground.”

The recommendation is in recognition of Mayor Severson’s many years of community leadership and his service as Mayor since 2000.  Mayor Bob, who passed away in December during his final month in office, was known to be a champion of parks and recreation and arts in Hermiston. 

City Considers Prosecuting Misdemeanors in Circuit Court

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The Hermiston City Council’s Public Safety Committee will look into contracting with the Umatilla County District Attorney to prosecute all of the city’s misdemeanors in Circuit Court.  Currently, the City of Hermiston prosecutes its misdemeanors in Municipal Court, where the costs of prosecution have risen rapidly in recent years.  But, Hermiston Chief of Police Jason Edmiston says the cause behind the proposed change isn’t entirely financial.

Hermiston Enterprise Zone Attracts 240 Jobs

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Companies taking advantage of the Hermiston Enterprise Zone property tax abatement program have created nearly 240 full time jobs between 2009 and 2012.  The new jobs carry a total new payroll of nearly $6.6 million.  New projects approved in 2013 are also set to generate at least another $1.3 million in new payroll.  That’s new money that likely wouldn’t be flowing through the Hermiston economy without the tax incentive offered by the City of Hermiston, Umatilla County, and Business Oregon.

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