City of Hermiston News

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Consultants Say Urban Renewal Feasible in Hermiston 10/19/2012
Hispanic Advisory Committee Shows Results 10/16/2012
Hermiston Energy Services Warns of Billing Scam 10/08/2012
City Makes Strategic Investment in Kennison Field 10/08/2012
Notice of Meeting of Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center Authority Board 10/03/2012
Hermiston Police News: Persistence pays off in arrest and recovery of stolen goods. 10/01/2012
City Ready to Fight Horse Slaughter Facility 09/24/2012
City Seeks Input on Retail Climate 09/21/2012
Hermiston Police News: Alleged burglar/car thief arrested 09/20/2012
Hermiston Police News: Trio arrested and lodged 09/17/2012
Hermiston Police Department to host Training Seminar 09/13/2012
Consumer Notice: Water Line Insurance 09/13/2012
Umatilla County Cultural Grant Announced 09/12/2012
City Hears Economic Impact of Kennison Field 09/11/2012
Hermiston Airport Runway Closes Temporarily 09/04/2012
Fall Sports Signup Deadlines: Aug. 31 08/28/2012
Hermiston Police News: Hermiston PD busy with impaired drivers 08/27/2012
EOTEC Picks Naming Rights Partner 08/27/2012
EOTEC Picks Naming Rights Partner 08/27/2012
Business Advisory Committee Sets Mission 08/17/2012
Hermiston Police News: Prescription Drug Drop-Box Received via Grant 08/15/2012
Council Approves Transfer of EOTEC Property 08/13/2012
City Launches Facebook Page 08/10/2012
Free BBQ & Swim Day Aug. 18 08/09/2012
Police and Fire Serve up Fun at National Night Out 08/08/2012
City of Hermiston Taps Private Sector Expertise 08/06/2012
Tourism Promotion Assessment Receives Support of Council, Hoteliers 07/24/2012
City Examines Urban Renewal District Feasibility 07/24/2012
Hermiston Police News: Suspect Arrested with Multiple Charges 07/04/2012
Hermiston Police News: Suspect Arrested with Multiple Charges 06/29/2012
Hermiston Police News: Officer in Pursuit of Suspect 06/28/2012
Hermiston Police News: Suspect Arrested with Multiple Charges 06/26/2012
Hermiston Police News: Juvenile apprehended, police are seeking additional suspect 06/26/2012
Hermiston Police News: Incident Reports 06/18/2012
Hermiston Police News: Burglary suspect in custody 06/12/2012
Hermiston Police News: Burglary suspect apprehended and charged 06/05/2012
Response to Information Presented in Media Concerning City's Recycled Water Plant Project 05/31/2012
Hermiston Police News: Hermiston officers did a great job of being proactive with DUII enforcement. 05/29/2012
City of Hermiston releases "Hermiston Futures Task Force Report" 05/22/2012
Letter from Chief of Police, Jason Edmiston 05/21/2012
Willeford Group Consulting releases Chief of Police selection report 05/10/2012
Notice of EOTEC Authority Board Meeting 05/08/2012
Hermiston Police News: Citizen's report leads to arrest of repeat offender 04/30/2012
Hermiston Police News: Suspect arrested with multiple charges 04/17/2012
Hermiston Police News: Bicyclist Injured 03/29/2012
Hermiston Police News: Anonymous Tip Line 03/14/2012
Arbor Day Tree Give-Away 03/14/2012
Hermiston Police News: Old West Federal Credit Union Robbery Update 03/12/2012
Hermiston Police News: DQ Robbery suspects in custody 03/05/2012
Highland Park Playground Dedication & Neighborhood Work Party 03/02/2012

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