City Moves Forward with Potential Landscaping Ordinance

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An ordinance which would set minimum landscaping requirements for commercial and multi-family properties in Hermiston will move forward for public hearings.  Mayor Drotzmann broke a four to four tie Monday night in favor of forwarding the change to the Planning Commission for hearings.

Draft presented at June 22 City Council Meeting HERE  (***Check City Council Agenda for most recent draft***)

Draft presented at the August 24 City Council Meeting HERE (***Check City Council Agenda for most recent draft***)

The draft ordinance, if ultimately approved by the City Council, would require 15% of the developed area on a multi-family residential property to be landscaped, as well as 3% in the C-1 Commercial Zone, 6% in the C-2 Commercial Zone, and in the Industrial Zones the requirement would be 3% or 10,000 square feet; whichever is less.

The City Council directed the Community Enhancement Committee last Summer to look in to, and develop, a proposal for a landscaping ordinance.  The CEC’s recommendations were heard by the City’s Planning Commission in March, and those recommendations were included in to the draft ordinance presented to the City Council Monday.  The Planning Commission will now hold a public hearing on the ordinance, which will likely be at their August meeting, before another public hearing is held before the City Council.  After those public hearings, the City Council may adopt or turn down the ordinance.  A copy of the current draft ordinance is available on the City of Hermiston’s website.

Some examples of other similar sized cities in Oregon which currently have landscaping ordinances are:

Wilsonville:                             15% for all uses

The Dalles:                              Residential uses must be landscaped equivalent to the square footage of the first floor of the structure

                                                Commercial uses must be landscaped equivalent to 20% of the first floor

Baker City:                              Residential 10%

                                                Commercial 5-10%

                                                Industrial 0%

Dallas:                                     Residential 15%

                                                Commercial 10-15%

                                                Industrial 10%

Medford:                                 Residential 40%

                                                Commercial 30%

                                                Industrial 20%

Ontario:                                   65% of 6% of the developed area for all uses

Hood River:                            Residential 20%

                                                Commercial 15%

                                                Industrial 10%

La Grande:                              Residential 20%

                                                Commercial 10%

            Industrial 5%


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