City of Hermiston News

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Hermiston Enterprise Zone Attracts 240 Jobs 04/11/2013
Hermiston Enterprise Zone Helps Attract 240 Jobs 04/11/2013
City Names New Facility 'Mayor Bob Severson Memorial Playground' 04/09/2013
City Considers Prosecuting Misdemeanors in Circuit Court 04/08/2013
City Makes Graffiti a 'Nuisance,' Bans Sale of Graffiti Implements to Minors 03/25/2013
DuPont Pioneer Expands Capacity Again in Hermiston 03/13/2013
City Earns National Cultural Diversity Award 03/11/2013
Hermiston Police News: Trespass Enforcement Program in Action 03/08/2013
Urban Renewal Planning Gets Underway 03/01/2013
Traffic Stop Leads to Stolen Handgun 02/26/2013
Hermiston Police News: Assault Investigation Leads to Arrest 02/23/2013
City Launches Prescription Drug Discount Program 02/20/2013
HAC Hears Mobile Vendor Regulations 02/19/2013
Mayor Drotzmann Delivers Immigration Request to Senator Wyden 02/18/2013
Council Requests "Fair & Sensible" Immigration Reform 02/11/2013
Full City Council Agenda Packets Available Online 02/07/2013
Hermiston Police News: Public Alert #2 02/06/2013
DuPont Pioneer Expands Production Capacity in Hermiston 01/30/2013
Hermiston Boasts Lowest Commercial Water & Sewer Rates 01/28/2013
Mayor Drotzmann Honors MLK Jr. 01/21/2013
New Mayor & Councilors to be Sworn In 01/14/2013
Hermiston Police News: Update from Daniel Primus 01/10/2013
Hermiston Police News: Release from District Attorney regarding shooting incident 12/31/2012
Hermiston Police News: End of Year, New Goals 12/28/2012
Hermiston Police News: Reward being offered 12/14/2012
City Asks for Flags to Fly at Half-Staff in Honor of Mayor Severson 12/12/2012
Mayor Severson Memorial Set For Friday 12/11/2012
Hermiston Police News: New look at HPD 12/10/2012
Hermiston to Create Urban Renewal District Plan 12/10/2012
City Launches New-Look Website 12/05/2012
Hermiston Police News: Alleged bank robber arrested again 12/03/2012
Hermiston Police News: Robbery Investigation 12/03/2012
Hermiston Police News: Another arrest made at The Agape House 11/30/2012
Notice of Meeting - Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Authority Board 11/30/2012
Business Group Supports Creation of Hermiston Urban Renewal District 11/29/2012
Hermiston Police News: Public Alert 11/26/2012
Hermiston Police News: Pursuit ends in multiple arrests 11/20/2012
Hermiston Police News: Graffiti Suspects Arrested 11/19/2012
Hermiston Police News: Successful "Winning the Battle" Seminar 11/15/2012
Hermiston Police News: Hermiston Officer Graduates from Academy 11/14/2012
City Names New Finance Director 11/13/2012
Hermiston Police News: Burglar Caught 11/13/2012
Hermiston Police News: Suspects arrested on charges of Theft I, Criminal Mischief, and Graffiti 11/08/2012
Hermiston Rate Payers Enjoy Low Costs 11/07/2012
Hermiston Council Awards $17 Million Sewer Contract 11/06/2012
Hermiston Police News: $500 Reward Offered for Information 11/05/2012
Street Closures for Treats on Main 10/29/2012
Keep Leaves out of City Streets 10/24/2012
Council Approves Solid Waste Rate Increase 10/22/2012
Hermiston Police News: Alcohol furnished to minors 10/22/2012

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